About Helistrategy Jobs

Launch of a new job platform to facilitate Human Resources in the aeronautical industry :

🚁Looking for that special person who has the required competencies and is available when you need them? HELISTRATEGY JOBS has the qualified individual who answers your needs.

🚁Crew member or a maintenance technician looking for short or long-term mission in France or abroad? On HELISTRATEGY JOBS you will find the mission which suits you, according to your qualifications and availability.

💪Drawing from its strong network of crew members, aeronautical technicians and companies in the aviation sector, Helistrategy launches its web platform HELISTRATEGY JOBS: the bridge between your needs and the opportunities out there.

A platform created by mechanics, pilots and aeronautical companies, at the service of our community, HELISTRATEGY JOBS gets the job done🤝

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