About us

Where do we come from…

Founded in Montauban in 2006, Helistrategy was part of a project certified by the Aerospace Valley’s cluster. The company’s DNA was to modernize maintenance processes in the helicopter field. With the help of a state thesis, the company exploited results of the research, in particular to win maintenance contracts.

Our specialty is to develop action planning methodologies during maintenance.

Responding to the needs of its partners, Helistrategy has elaborated special skills in the field of aircraft development.

With regards to that, Helistrategy continued its evolution by becoming an airline with a SPO approval dedicated to technical flights.

Building on employees’ skills, the company has developed its capabilities and now has solid experience in the consulting and development strategy of aerospace companies.

We are also recognized for our responsiveness and high standards in the provision of in-situ crews and / or mechanics to perform maintenance operations.

Our Values

We share a set of values which are at the heart of our development and which are the foundations of all our companies: flight safety, integrity, teamwork, excellence and responsiveness.

Flight Safety
In our field, safety is first and foremost a state of mind.
At the heart of our ethics, integrity is omnipresent in all our technical, commercial or partnership approaches.
Crew members are trained to work as a team. The working methodology is extended to the whole operation of our business.
Aeronautics requires excellence: it is our guideline and what we offer to our clients.
Responsiveness is our major asset. It’s our signature, our state of mind and what most want to keep.

Our Mission

In the helicopter world, maintenance and operation are intimately linked. Our team of experts covers all these areas to enable the development of the helicopter business on the broadest spectrum of use, safely, while reducing costs and optimizing performance.

Our Vision

A world where helicopters are accessible to all, fully environmentally friendly, integrating all new technologies, especially artificial intelligence to be even more efficient and safe.

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