For all your requests in the field of helicopters, Helistrategy provides you with high level studies, advice and analysis. From the renewal of your strategy to the need of spare parts, Helistrategy helps you finding what suits you.

Financial studies for aircraft investments
Financing acquisition of one or more helicopters and/or insurance of these devices requires from the bank and the insurance company a fine knowledge of

  • Condition of aircraft
  • Modes of maintenance and operation
  • Quality of crews and mechanics
  • Completeness of the regulatory corpus applied by the operator
For each of these points, Helistrategy provides you with genuine decision-support tools and studies.
Market analysis
Thanks to its international and national experience and expertise, Helistrategy provide you with any type of public or private contract analysis. It may concern trade, employment, support, or environment of helicopter fleets. Its partner networks and experience in Southeast Asia and Africa leads the company to quickly access all the data needed for requested analysis.
Development Strategy Consulting
  • You are a start-up and you want to develop a new product for aeronautics
  • You are an SME willing to develop your business
  • You are a company which want to boost its aerospace division
Helistrategy’s experts add real, targeted value in your strategic thinking, by studying available strategies of development, taking into account risk analysis and expected returns on investment. Once your company agreed the new strategy, Helistrategy can offer

  • ad hoc strategic development plan
  • internal and external communication plans
  • change management plan
  • investment plan training plan
  • Main milestones and tools for steering implementation of the development plan
Support for response to tenders
Armed with its expertise and its previous successes especially concerning Armed Forces tenders, Helistrategy helps you respond to a tender call:

  • sticking to needs and requirements expressed in the tender
  • in regards to payment capacities of the tenderer
  • according to your financial, human and strategic capacities
  • considering risks taken, such as insurance deductible and cash advance
Beyond that, Helistrategy supports you in the implementation of resources and the ramping up of its capabilities to meet customers’ needs from the beginning of the contract.
Advice to state operators of helicopter fleets
You, as a state operator, look for a helicopter fleet acquisition or replacement.

Helistrategy’s expertise helps you

  • selecting the best type of helicopter regarding your needs
  • launching a call for tenders not only regarding cost acquisition but also ownership cost
  • building and managing flight trials and test programs to choose the best aircraft
  • building a program to drive end of life of old fleet to be retired of service in a cost effective way
  • building a program of autonomy development in terms of crew and maintenance technician training in one hand, and MRO capacity to enhance local ability to maintain helicopter fleet