Aeronautical system design
You seek to acquire more autonomy for the development of your airmobile capability?

Helistrategy designs coherent sets that can be integrated into normative corpus complying with the FAR / PART / FRA at a regional vocation or even the sub-continent level with a timing adapted to the available resources, the capacities of adaptation, the local constraints as well as to the economic fabrics.

Those coherent sets include control of recruitment, training of personnel, helicopter test in operating conditions, control of their support service, especially supply chain management… and finally end of life helicopter management.

MRO solution architect
 As a single helicopter owner or head of a large helicopter fleet operator, you are facing:

  • More sophisticated aircraft technologies
  • More demanding regulations impacting maintenance
Helistrategy helps you to design the best support system to fulfill aircraft service requirements.

This includes :

  • Type of contract to negotiate with engine and aircraft manufacturer,
  • Organisation of the maintenance and the supply chain,
  • Organisation of airworthiness monitoring,
  • Optimized management of potentials,
  • Permanent recording in flight and automated processing of the collected data to anticipate and manage periods of inactivity,
  • Right choice and control of maintenance entity if it is outsourced.

Our objective is to give you maximum freedom and autonomy so you can keep focused on your core business.

Let’s find new creative solutions to develop your support system with Helistrategy’s experts.

Design and management of access to your helicopters
You wish to have a helicopter platform on your yacht
Easy now to have a helicopter platform on your yacht: our teams interact with the naval architect for the integration of the platform in compliance with aeronautical and naval standards. Our Flight Test Teams will create and lead the certification program for the chosen platform / helicopter combination.
You need to create a heliport and/or helistation
Our engineers will conduct upstream studies to define the type of platform according to the intended use and its environment. They will be able to build the certification file of the platform chosen and if necessary in liaison with the flight test team to carry out possible tests as part of the certification.