Helistrategy projects the necessary human and material resources to carry out maintenance operations according to your needs.

Helistrategy can also support all your aircraft maintenance by performing in situ checks. It includes: personnel, tools and documentation. Helistrategy shares its know-how and its engineering of planning and organization of checks.

Experts finder
Whenever you need pilots or technicians for temporary or long-term positions, Helistrategy provides you with the most qualified experts at the fairest cost.
Helicopter purchases/sales
Do you want to acquire helicopter(s) or any aircraft? Our knowledge of the fleet of available aircraft allows us to find the perfect machine, appraise it and negotiate it to fit with your project.

Or do you want to sell your aircraft(s)? Helistrategy helps you identify potential buyers, assesses the relevance of their acquisition project and negotiates the sale.

Spare part and tools trading
Thanks to our network of partners, our stocks and our knowledge of the environment, Helistrategy helps you in sourcing spare parts and tools.